The marathon editing phase is now done. No huge big monstrous plaid-speed changes to the first novel, but more or less a bug hunt, tracking down misspellings, double periods, oops-I-hit-the-spacebar twices, and a couple of minor editorial/structural changes here and there to better reflect the narrative a bit more clearly.  A few tiny changes were needed to clarify the work going forward as I pound away on the next volume in the tale of Julian Deltolle.

I always find it interesting that no matter how many eyes touch a page of prose, little goofy stuff slips through.  I think this may have something to do with where socks go in the dryer, but I’m just guessing.  I’m not griping about this….NUMBER ONE BESTSELLERS(tm) have the same problem.  It boggles the mind sometimes to see stuff that is supposedly professionally vetted looking like crap on the bookshelf.

I’m pretty happy with the result here, and can say that with the help of a few friends and first readers, plus a couple of nice bits of feedback from 1st purchasers, I’ve managed to put out something I’m very proud of.

Now comes the happy happy fun time…re-re-reformatting. Going to go ahead and send it through (again) to smashwords, then another revision to amazon and THEN Amazon Createspace for a few proof copies to make sure it looks as good as I can get it. Hopefully I can get this all done before midweek, with proof copies by next week…..he said thinking of the phrase, “famous last words!”  🙂

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