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So here I am taking a short break from writing…to write something here about writing. I’m either a glutton for punishment, or dedicated. I’ll pick dedicated. 😀

In the realm of writing at Casa du Casey, I’m fully back in the saddle after 6+ months of a shoulder injury. I tore my right shoulder rotator cuff. Not enough for surgery, but enough to really cause issues. Like ribs, healing time for this is a long time as it is difficult NOT to move/irritate the affected areas. Trying to type more than a paragraph at a time has been an excruciating ordeal. (I got a lot of television/movie stuff caught up during this period. heh.)

One of the problems with writing a “doorstopper” novel/series is keeping track of everything. This includes characters, places and settings, motivations, and other assorted stuff that happens in a world. While I’m not working on a multi-POV (Point Of View) series ala G.R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”, [A Game of Thrones for all of you unfamiliar with the original works], I AM building a world with societies full to the brim with a large cast of characters. The further I go, the more and more often I find that I’m having to search through a bunch of scattered document notes, re-reading passages from what has gone before and other stuff that doesn’t happen with a smaller, more contained story. Couple that with months of NOT being able to really do much writing due to the injury, and things have become even MORE ‘rat’s-nesty’. heh.

I’ve literally had to step back, tear up some stuff that had been written and refocus my efforts on writing a comprehensive and cohesive backstory. So currently I’m writing a history of the world, character information and geographical information and then annotating the most important stuff for easier reference going forward. This isn’t ‘writer’s block’ or dithering, it is absolutely necessary, especially going forward with the last third of book #2 and beyond if I want to get it finished.

For a ‘world building’ writer, the old saw: “what is past is prologue” takes on an in your face clarity.

I completely understand and sympathise with Martin taking an eon to finish the last two novels in his series. The further you go, and the more detail that you add, the harder it gets to keep track of something important that you actually set down on the page 3+ years prior. It is maddening. It is also the most fun I’ve ever had with this stuff.

I take solace in the predicament that Martin is having, and remembering that Tolkein shredded Lord of the Rings MULTIPLE times trying to get it right.

Now back to writing. 🙂

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