I was dropping off a group of partiers in LODO (LOwer DOwntown Denver –10th biggest party/nightclub/dance spot area in the nation for those reading outside Colorado). They exit the cab, and a very drunk yupster (zillion dollar designer khakis, polo t-shirt, 8 zillion dollar toothy smile and 50 dollars worth of crosseyed polluted) jumps in the cab.

Me: Sorry sir, but I’m already booked on another call, you’ll have to flag another cab.

Him: I’m going to….

Me: Can’t do it man. I’m already scheduled to pick up someone else.

Him: (with big smile)…But can’t you just…

Me: No….Can’t…Do…It. Please exit the car sir.

Him: (with 1/2 big smile)…Oh YOU’RE a real capitalist.

Me: Thank you for that! I AM a capitalist with a capital C.

Him: (with no smile)…I was being sarcastamic. (drunk way of saying it ahh s’pose.)

Me: You’re confusing opportunist with capitalist. I’ve made a contract and I intend to honor it. Now get the frack out of the cab…sir.

He got out. I then honored my contract with my next customer, and I really think I confused him.


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