Me, trying to live up to the writerly life

From the writing room/tarantula zoo/aquarium park at Casa du Casey:

2018 has almost run its course.

2019 is hours away from Colorado as I type this.

It has been an interesting set of days for me, both good and not as good, but overall outstanding, as my one rule for “outstanding”  is being alive.

I don’t pay much attention to birthdays, most holidays or a calendar change, but one cannot get away from any of it entirely, so here are my thoughts for all of you out there reading this:

Don’t believe everything you read. Social media, the news and many other sources should never be taken at complete face value. We’ve entered a time where editorializing is appearing as “fact”. Pay attention.

Believe it.  (heh heh.)

Be kind to those around you…unless they deserve otherwise.

Realize that we only get a finite number of these “years”. Don’t waste them. Do what you love.

Be kind to your pets.

Also (and this is near and dear to me) don’t judge other people’s pets by your own likes or dislikes. Or my girl here will be sent to bite you.  😀

If you are a fellow writer, then keep pounding out the words.






Have a wonderful 2019!

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