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A quick post to my lamentably inactive blog. Seems a lot of the time I just stick stuff on FB or Reddit these days. Tis a habit I keep telling myself to break.

As this stupid quarantine drags on, I’ve found a lot of time to catch up on my reading as well as viewing. The writing is slogging along, but for various reasons, until this past week, it had once again taken a back-burner to other stuff. As it is the proverbial itch that I scratch, I’m all good with that, but I do know people have begun to question if there will be another volume…



It had better be as I’m closing on 100,000 words after three shreds of the manuscript for problems in the last couple of years. )

So anyway, I found Deborah Harkness’ trilogy “All Souls” about witches, vampires, and daemons beginning with “A Discovery of Witches”. The books go down like a fine wine and tell a very interesting story set in the present with jaunts to the 1500s.  Great stuff. The books feel more in the vein of Ann Rice’s early vampire tales, with leavening from other bits/n/bobs in the romantic fantasy/horror genre.

The television series based on these books is proof that you don’t have to stick to a lot of narrative detail to stay true to the spirit of a tale.  I absolutely enjoyed this and am avidly awaiting the next season which should be out sometime this year. The show’s 2nd season production wrapped prior to Great Pandemic [tm]. Great casting, the chemistry between the two leads is arguably the best I’ve seen in a long time, sumptuous locations, and an interesting plot/mystery to drive things along.

Many other shows, but at the top of the heap is Westworld. A second viewing changed my opinion of the show from “heartless” to “Ohhhh, now I get it!”. The third season is ripping good to this point as well.

Devs is interesting in a slow-paced, creepy way. Not quite finished with this one yet, but have enjoyed it so far.

The Magicians over on Syfy just finished a five-season run. Another program that shakes conventions while telling a fun tale.

On the reading front aside from All Souls, several re-reads including The Dresden Files (an all-time favorite) getting ready for two new entries in the series this year.

So blog entry entered!


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