St. Thomas, USVI

Oh hell yeah. I have been thinking about a tropical “Veg-cation” for quite awhile, and yesterday I finally pulled the trigger after doing a little travel package research. Turns out, if you plan just a wee bit ahead, the prices drop like crazy.

And NO, I’m not talking about the hurricane season…I’ll be taking my trip over a month before that even starts. 🙂

So this post is getting filed and once I take the trip, I’ll journal it here.  For now, though, it is starting to sink in that I’m going to the Caribbean. -ohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboy!-  heh.

Where, you might ask? Well, I’m going to the U.S. Virgin islands, specifically to a quiet little nub just off of St. Thomas called “Water Island”.

77 degrees (F) at night, 85 degrees (F) during the day… all the time.

The when will be in early May for seven days of tropical awesome.

I AM planning on spending a lot of time at the cottage writing, but I will spend a couple of full days sight seeing, touring and sampling the local cuisine in St. Thomas and St. John. Although it is about 40 miles south, I might have to take a day in St. Croix as well.  Captain Morgan and Cruzan rum are produced there. heh. We’ll see.

After five years of hotels/airports in my former life as an IT guy, this trip would NEVER have happened if it had just been a “hotel” at the other end. I found a place where I have my own little bungalow on a secluded (relatively) island in the tropics. The reviews have been uniformly outstanding for the place as well as the service by those running it.

VI Campgrounds website.

Jazzed doesn’t even begin to cover this.  🙂

Anyway, here are some pictures of the “where”.

The view from the VI Campgrounds on Water Island.
Honeymoon Beach, Water Island, USVI
Honeymoon Beach, Water Island, USVI
Stereotypical Beach Bar. Yeah. I’m there. 🙂
My upcoming residence for a week. 🙂

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