I have quite a few followers on this intermittent blog o’ mine. This is a post to let you folks know that I’m moving my primary ‘blog’ home over here:

CJ Peter – Author’s Blog and Overnight Cafe

Still a wordpress blog, but Thirdscribe is more specifically tailored for writers and readers, and has impressed me with the various support mechanisms in place to actually help a writer…blog.

All of my prior content here has been migrated, so I have good continuity from this ol’ home to the new one.

I hope you continue to follow me there, as I will attempt to continue to entertain, inform and rant about subjects that matter to me…intermittently, as usual.

One reason I’m intermittent is that for a lot of the day to day stuff, I participate in various Google+ groups, and have a presence on facebook.  I prefer G+, but there are valid reasons for a writer (especially an indie like myself) to at least be visible on FB.

Anyway, this site won’t go down, but for the foreseeable future, when I blog, it will be on Thirdscribe first.

I should have added this when I first posted, but was in a bit of a hurry……


I’m going to run them in parallel to see what happens, so if you wish to keep following along, I promise I’ll stick stuff here as well.  🙂

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