So THAT was a royal pain in the ass. After waiting for Smashwords to upload my novel to Amazon, it appears that holding one’s breath in that regard will lead to severe health problems due to Amazon being somewhat douchebaggie about all things epub.

Anywhew…after a bit of research, and the discovery that a complete reformat (AGAIN!!!!—dammmmmit!!!!) was needed, I have finally uploaded to Amazon. In 12-48 hours it oughta’ be up there. (I now know everything in the universe about “TOC”–table of contents….grumblemumblemeh.)

I’m also thinking about doing the Kindle Select program, but that requires unpublishing from other venues. As I haven’t even begun marketing stuff yet, I think I’ll just let it float for now.

I wrote that stuff yesterday…today I get an email from KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) telling me that there is no author listed for the novel. (sayWTF???)

Apparently their fill in the check marks/blanks page didn’t save the fact that I wrote the dang thing. 😀 So resubmitted and off it goes again. This is reminding me of the smashwords automation a bit. They REALLY oughta’ get together, I’m thinking.

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