So I picked up the fare at a bar on the north side. He said his girlfriend left him there and that he lived in Highlands Ranch. I’m thinking…$$$ and off we go.

The whole nearly 100$ ride he whines about unrequited love and how love isn’t received, but it must be given. I’m thinking ‘yea…sure, whatever’, but keep nodding and being cab-psychologist.

We get to his house and he pays with a card, but insists on giving me a tip in cash. He opens his wallet and its STUFFED with singles. I joke, “If I didn’t know better I’d swear I just grabbed you from a strip bar!”………………….he then mumbles that is where his “girlfriend” works.

I held off choking with laughter (barely) until after he got out.

And that’s kinda’ how my night went. Profitable, but dear gods the maroons in this town sometimes. 😀

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