So my last call  of the evening I get what I like to think of as “THE COCKROACH CALL“.

What is that you ask?

It’s a scumbucket who waits until the suburban area buses quit running after 2am…no phone and almost always a destination to the other side of town.  Oh, and the capper…no money.  They borrow someone’s phone, or a payphone which can’t be traced to themselves to order a taxi….then they wait for the stupid cabbie to roll by, pick em’ up after which they then  (drumroll)……

run (free ride TO wherever)…or rob (free money FROM whomever).

Any cab driver who falls for these fracktards more than a couple times deserves whatever they get.

It’s rather simple NOT to fall for this crap.  You (said cabbie) ask:

1. Where are they going?

and the punchline question:

2. How are they paying?

The destination is the first tip off as it’s always at LEAST a 35-45$ ride.

The second question is what foils their dastardly evil-genius plotting.  They ALWAYS screw up that part.

“Uh…how far will 7bucks take me?”  “Uh, oh..uh, yeah, my bro is paying when we get there!”  “Uhm….uh….oh…uh….credit card?”  –this one invariably is a walmart card, an expired bank card or something along those lines.  One time one of these supa-geniuses tried to get me to run a phone card. (NOT KIDDING.)

The one tonight had 7 bucks and wanted to get to south Aurora…from north Westminster.  (For my readers unfamiliar with the Denver area, that’s a freakin’ long ride….50-70$ long.)

I told him to get out of the cab (politely) and that the next bus would be by within an hour and a half.

They almost never argue with an Unstupidcabbie type.  Unstupidcabbies usually can defend themselves.  😉

2 thoughts on “Ahh late night cab scammers. Or how to spot a cockroach after 2am in a taxi.

  1. Yeah, this is exactly why I couldn’t do the cab thing. I just wouldn’t have the patience to be polite, but I’d also be wondering if the smeg head trying to scam a free ride might not be willing to do worse. *_*

    Still, glad it turned out well for ya. ^_^

    1. It is pretty easy to determine actually. 99.5% of folks who climb in the cab just want to go somewhere. The .5% of “smegheads” are usually dumbern’ a bag of hammers and anyone with a bit of common sense, reason and IQ can spot it. Also defensive weaponry. 😀

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