me an tricia

Having discovered the joys/pain/insanity of writing fiction in early elementary school, I proceeded to move on to a technical career following military service, all the while dabbling in my limited free time with the creative itch that could never be completely scratched. Twenty years later, it was do it or don’t… …so in a ‘throw the hat over the fence’ move, I left the IT field, grabbed the wheel of a taxi to take care of the necessities and started pounding the keyboard. A couple years since then, I’m published, I do private hire driving instead of the mafia encrusted taxi stuff, and am happily working on the next book in my series.

More here later…metaphorically speakin’ o’ course.


And yeah, that IS Tricia Helfer.  I rule. 😀

2 responses to “About

  1. Have you read all of LVCC from start to finish? Amazing, imho. And the way you can see him improve. Twitter finished that off though. Can’t say I blame him. Part of survival mode as LV cabbie. Stay safe.
    Bonnie Butler


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