1. The picture above shows the gear that I currently use…except the sad little black device (Eleaf I-Stick 50watt) to the left. Unfortunately it has a bad switch, causing all kinds of mayhem, so it is joining the “Casey Vaping Museum of Natural History” after this post. Sad, as I really like the heft, feel and display of the little bugger, not to mention 3 day battery life. Ah well.

2. The big boy in the middle is my Vamo V6 variable wattage mod. Stuff comes and stuff goes, and that thing just keeps on working…flawlessly. It is a chinese made device, and from I’ve what I’ve read, a new version 7 is coming out pretty soon with a few additional features such as a pass-thru for charging while vaping, and a few tweaks to the brains.  I’ll probably snag one when it gets to my vendor. They’re very inexpensive. Notice I didn’t say “cheap”. 😉

3. The red unit is my backup.  It is a Kanger IPOW 2 variable wattage unit. It works just about as well as the Vamo. The reason it is a backup? I am not fond of the switch, which is flush mounted and difficult to find unless you’re looking at the unit. This is not a good thing to be doing when driving. Good battery life, easy to read screen, and simple rotary wheel for adjustments that stays put (mostly). Nice device around the house.

4. The tanks. I’m still using the Kanger Aero-EMOW Mega units. They hold 2.8 ml of liquid and are simple to use and even easier to clean. They WILL leak on airplanes unless inverted, but a lot of tanks will do this. Air pressure is a fiend. -heh.

4b. I have purchased some “sub-ohm” dual coils to try as Kanger has made a variant that fits the aerotank line. At this point, other than sucking juice faster, and draining my batteries faster, I don’t see the big deal. I’m not “Mr. Clouds” guy, so at this point, I’m still using 1.8 ohm dual coil atties as my go-to units.  They work, and work just fine.

5. Last on the list this time is that big ol’ tank of juice.

After years of futzing about trying to find an eliquid that just “suits”, this has been my go-to for awhile now. Sweet-Vapes “Mapacho”.

I do NOT like vaping drink flavors, cake or pie stuff, or desserts. If I want that, I’ll go eat/drink the real thing. When vaping, like smoking (when I did the deed), I prefer something NOT SWEET, that gets outta the way and doesn’t make we want to gag after an hour or so…(try eating a whole bag of cookies, or the WHOLE cake to get what I mean). The mapacho flavor here has a slightly citris twang with a bit of tobacco (not cigarette flavor…think pipe or cigar).

I swear that if Dayna, who runs Sweet-Vapes ever goes out of business, I shall cry. I did get her to promise me the recipe though if they do.  heh.

6. Next up on the block. I’m hanging back a bit on buying new gear at the moment. There are a few devices that I’m liking to replace the Eleaf I-stick, but I’m waiting on Dimitris Agrifiotis and Phil Busardo to toss their reviews out. Always trust those two…they will steer you in the proper direction.

7. The drug addict looking syringe and stuff there isn’t. heh. That is a blunt tipped milliliter marked syringe to get juice from the big bottle into the tanks. Really handy as I can get the right amount from bottle to tank without over or underfilling the things.  —I should have put a bent spoon and a lighter there just to freak folks out. snicker—

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