So every once in a bit, I get someone semi-famous in my cab. And as per usual, every semi-famous person in my cab has either been in trouble with the law and stuffed there by cops to avoid issues, OR drunk as skunks, or both.

Tonight’s semi-famous person is a member of a fairly famous band…who was drunk as a skunk..and will go nameless (my rule with “what happens in the cab stays in the cab” means no real names get used).

I almost kicked my first semi-famous person OUT of the cab on the highway when he decided it would be good fun to
A. play his band’s latest tune on his phone and stuffing it (the whole phone) in my ear, and then
B. start playing kick the back of the driver’s seat for funzies.

When he realized I wasn’t kidding about him exiting stage left at the nearest highway exit, calm ensued, and the rest of the ride was smooth.

So endeth a fairly busy Friday.

On a tougher note…someone who DIDN’T take a cab…ended up getting swept into a matchbox after smearing their car all over I-25 southbound at 6th avenue. I missed being near/involved in that mess by ten minutes while driving the idiot rock star home.

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