4 responses to “6. Poecilotheria ornata

  1. That is going to be one gorgeous tarantula when it gets larger. Poecilotheria is by far one of my genera of tarantulas … just so sleek and regal looking. How has its behavior been? My ornata is probably the most skittish pokie I have.


    • It is pretty kick back actually. It has built a moss/coco/web tube up the side of the bark, but has left open areas, so I can see it. Right now in pre-molt…again. It eats like a movie monster…literally shaking the prey in its mouth, and it sucks down bigger stuff than any other T I have in its size range. (1.2-1.5″‘ish). Having seen its Mom, yeah, if the gene pool holds this one is going to be pretty as hell. (purples/yellows and whites predominant on the Mother.) Out of all my T’s, the N. coloratovillosus is the most skittish and insane…and it is pushing 3″. Go figure. (The OBT scats down the tube at movement, but seeing that this is normal behavior, I’ll stick with the Nhandu as the most flakey. -heh


      • I absolutely LOVE pokies (phormictopus is my other favorite genus), and part of it is due to their appetites and growth between molts. I’ve literally been startled by the size jump some of my pokies have shown after molts.

        You are going to have one big, gorgeous spider in a year or so!

        My N. chromatus is just…odd. It will sometimes eat half a cricket, then store the other half in the same corner. It’s strange, as I don’t even feed her large crickets.

        Is your Nhandu kicking hairs? I’ve heard that they can be some of the worst…


      • I haven’t seen mine kick any…and when I got it, it was all “threat…threatthreatthreatthreat…threat…threatthreat” anytime I was near the enclosure. But no hair kicking at all. Even before it retreated into its burrow to molt I noticed no issues with bald patches or kicking hairs. We shall see when it comes forth this time. (It did feed, but didn’t have to really come out as the lateralis made a beeline for the cave. oops. 😀


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