Mid Bits

1. All the “stuffs” are done in preparation for my trip to the Virgin Islands. I shall be saying hello to this dude in a coupla’ days.  😀



2. This is the last post in the general section for a week. From here on out, I will be doing a daily journal blog of my trip…with pictures! Hope I don’t bore anyone…but as it IS my journal, I shall fill it with what interests me. heh.

3. Writing has been slack for a couple days now. Getting things ready to roll on this vacation, plus work has been at the top of the list. I’m looking forward to pounding the keys with a tropical backdrop. 🙂

4. Perfect time to leave on this excursion it would seem. For the next full week, it will be “Seattle-ing” in Denver. (Meaning: RAINING pretty much every single day.)

5. Josh Whedon is a minor deity in my opinion. Lunatic feminists trashing him for Avengers: Age of Ultron pretty much boggles the mind. Kinda’ like sharks eating their own.

6. Now back to clock-watching as I have some hours to kill before heading out on my adventure. I hope that all of you reading my little corner of the blogosphere are having a great time!

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