Last Bits 20

palm-tree1. A picture that doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with riots, cops, or furious Moms. Also now in less than a week, I will be there.

2. Good night driving.

3. Writing has slowed to a freaking crawl the last couple days. Nope, not writer’s block…more #caribbeandreamin on my mind messing with the narrative.

My story is set in a world that has been devastated in its past by a horrible catastrophe, and that setting is 100% at odds with the picture above in this post. Every single time I stare off at the wall (my normal pre-keyboard pounding mode), my head starts drifting to where I’m going, instead of where I should be. A bit annoying, but the key is to persevere and put at least SOME words on the page, and that I have been doing.

I CANNOT wait until Wednesday evening after I’ve settled in. I will be on my veranda overlooking a beautiful tropical scene and I won’t have to daydream…I’ll be able to pound the keys.  Having been in similar circumstances in the past I…”know mah limitations”.  😀

4. It is interesting to me to watch how civilization rationalizes and ignores basic issues and problems when evil raises its ugly head.  If there was some way to make a survivable living where I’m going on vacation, I’d be tempted to never come back to the country that I grew up in. The problem is that many of these issues are world wide and no matter where one lives these days (save for the deep countrysides), you end up with nearly the same types of crap.

Solutions? There are many who claim “if only we did THUS and SO!” or “We just need to change the MINDSET!”. In my opinion I think the only thing that would resolve the rot endemic in our current society would be some sort of reset. An apocalypse of some type that weeds out those who are WISHING for some utopia that cannot exist, and leaves those who understand the REAL WORLD, and who deal with it rationally.  I’m no Don Quixote though. I’ll just nuke some popcorn and continue to watch the train-wreck.

I can wish for Galt’s Gulch though.  Wishful thinking is my stock in trade as it were.  heh.

5. Less than a week to go for my vacation.  Says it all right there, eh?  🙂

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