Writers ARE Immortal…if we continue to read them.


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I woke up a bit ago to the news that Terry Pratchett passed. While not surprising, as he had been suffering with a VERY bad form of Alzheimer’s, it always hits one in the gut that there won’t be anything “new” forthcoming. That the talented and humorous voice has moved on. And yes, there are a few tears happening here at Casa du Casey.

As long as we readers continue to be readers though, the writer has achieved a bit of immortality. They get to continue to put thoughts and images into our minds long after shucking the ol’ mortal coil.

I’m having a bit of a time getting my mind into the writing game today as this news has really bopped me in the head, and so I dropped in over here to unload a bit. Clearing the jets as it were.

Life is short. Tomorrow sometimes doesn’t come. Live your life to the fullest. Pursue YOUR dreams.

I’ll stick this picture here, as it is humorous, and from everything I’ve read about the man, spot-on to his character as a human being.

Pratchett in a nutshell

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