Mid Bits

vampire sunrise

1. Having a head cold is not my favorite thing in the universe.

1b. Having it throw off my vampire-like schedule is also not a favorite thing.

1c. What IS that orange glow-y thing in the sky anyway?  It burrrnnnns us, it does.

2. Writing. Yes. Falling through the page. Yes. This is the best combination for any writer to have happen.

2b. Writing while listening to Bear McCreary’s excellent Battlestar Galactica soundtrack doesn’t hurt either. (Currently cruising through season 1.)

3. Coffee. Peet’s Reserve blends are more expensive than normal…and worth every…frickin’…nickel.  peet's guatamalaEspecially the Guatemala San Sebastian which occupies my carafe and cup currently.

4. Some days social media is a fun diversion. Other days it is beyond irritating. There are times when I wish the apocalypse would happen to JUST the folks posting their political stuff. meh.

5. Back at it. “IT” being the writing. When the spigot is wide open, one would be seriously foolish not quench one’s thirst. I’m not being foolish.  🙂


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