Last Bits 9

Burning Keyboard with Thermal Image

Burnin’ up the keys!

1. Sometimes writing is hard. Sometimes it flows. AND sometimes both of these things happen during the same writing session. I sat for nearly three hours tonight staring at the wall, changing up the tunes, walking around, yelling at the walls, pouring more coffee, nuking said coffee and then rinse/n/repeat.

Then I remembered I’d had a really good session recently while listening to Hans Zimmer’s “Dark Knight Rises” soundtrack. So I put it on. Within minutes the words started happening, and three incredibly fast hours later, I have what I personally think is some of the coolest stuff I’ve written in a loooooong time.

This isn’t “writer’s block” in my opinion. Sometimes the writer KNOWS what needs to happen, but the fingers refuse to engage, or the Muse(tm) has passed out in the closet (again). Getting the proper trigger to engage the ‘word-smithing’ sometimes is as simple as changing the tune. 🙂

2. I saw a “writer’s blog” where the title was, and I’m not kidding here, “Thoughts on Writting“. I almost spilled my coffee at that one.  😀

3. It was a nice day off of the driving gig.

4. Closin’ this one out. My eyes are now fried and my fingers are numb. (One more day until my new chair from Amazon gets here. Not soon enough.)

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