Reflections on my first book signing event–#1 Pack a lunch, #2 Don’t leave lunch at home…

In which a fellow Denver author has her first signing. Entertaining read. Hippie crystals 4TW! 🙂


Yesterday, I had my very first book signing event. It wasn’t held at a cozy bookstore, surrounded by hipsters, sipping wine and talking about the Beats, open mic and pot legalization. Nope. Instead, I was tucked away in a cozy corner at the Sweetheart Local craft bazaar, surrounded by direct merchants, crafty types and a few hippies who create with hemp, recycled yarn and crystals.


I was with my tribe. The artists, the empowered, and the women of business. Everywhere I looked there was a woman at a table, selling her wares, and believing in herself, her product and her future. I settled into my corner with my hippie neighbors, one of which seemed decidedly annoyed that she was next to an erotica writer. She placed a crystal on the edge of her table to block my energies from invading her space. As a secret hippie, I…

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