A Cautionary tale for witers dealing with Hollywood


A cautionary tale regarding selling one’s rights and dealing with Hollywood. i was initially dismissive of this as claims of “but i did it first!” happen all the time…but this…just whoa. If any of you writers haven’t seen this, it is WAY worth the read. Gerritsen’s suit isn’t over…but holy crap ouch.

From Tess Gerretsen’s blog:

Yesterday, the court granted Warner Brother’s motion to dismiss my lawsuit against them. While Warner Bros crows victory, the judge has in fact left the door open for me to pursue my claim, allowing my legal team twenty days to revise our complaint and address the single issue of concern: the corporate relationship between Warner Bros. and New Line Productions…. 

(click this link, Gravity and Hollywood  for the whole blog post. It is worth the read if you are even THINKING about selling to Hollywood.

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