Paranormal Bromance and self publishing

In which a NYT bestselling author sees da’ light. 🙂

Filling the Well

Vaughn-ParanormalBromance - CopyIt’s been a little over a month since I released Paranormal Bromance.  Now, I’m going to talk a little bit about the hows and whys of it.

I think it’s an indication of how far self publishing via e-book has come over the last few years that no one has asked me, “Hey, you self published that thing, why did you — a traditional bestselling author — do that?”  No one from either the self pub camp or the traditional camp is pointing at me yelling “Splitter!” But for the sake of getting a few more data points out there, I thought I’d offer my answers anyway.  Why self publish?  Why now? Why this?

First, it’s a weird length, about 22,000 words. It’s tough to find markets at that length.

Second, I did a test submission to an established market to get feedback. The story was rejected, but with…

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