Last Bits 3

1. So I’m not quite ready for bed…that would be due to this:


Yep, I make an awesome French Onion Soup…which I only make once in awhile because it takes forever to do properly.

2. Playing with some martini recipes.  New Amsterdam Gin is pretty decent, by the by.

3. I bought an indie author’s book on Amazon earlier this evening, and I missed the fact that the title was DRM’d. Pissed me right off. Even a LITTLE research before doing the “indie” thing should show the author that DRM is bad, mmmkay?


For more info and a blog that has my take on things, go here:

JA Konrath: A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: DRM FREE

4. Writing goes as it goes. Not a great day, but not a bad one either.

(It really doesn’t help that this fine Sunday evening turned into a pretty busy night early for me.  Probably going to take Monday off and just pound the keys)

5. Buzzer is going off, so back to the kitchen for phase 3 of the FOSoup.  😀

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