Hiring a Freelance Editor: Pricing and Getting the Most for Your Money

I’ve been asked this question a time or three. This is very good advice.

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The Freelance Editor Dilemma: Pricing and Getting the Most for Your MoneyI was chatting with my cousin a few weeks ago about freelance work. He used to work as a graphic designer—doing logos and such—and so he knows how difficult it can be to find work or, at the very least, to find people willing to pay for good work. Business owners would ask to have a professional logo made for next to nothing. And I thought: If that’s all the money they were willing to put into their business, then what does that tell me they think their company is worth?

The same issue occurs in the editing world, too. While many writers do understand that quality editing takes time and doesn’t come cheap, others seem to underestimate just what exactly editing entails—and what exactly they’re paying for.

I understand why writers may wish to find cheaper editing options—monetary issues or otherwise—but as with any business (and publishing novels is…

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One response to “Hiring a Freelance Editor: Pricing and Getting the Most for Your Money

  1. I have hired a half dozen freelance editors. It is difficult to find one who agrees with your style of telling a story. Many offer a free sample edit of the first thousand words, and while that may show their ability to edit line by line, it doesn’t show what they think about stylistic choices like pacing, pov switching, and other difficult to classify idiosyncrasies about how one weaves a story. That isn’t to say you should find an editor that only says yes, but it is very hard to invest thousands of dollars on an edit by someone with whom you disagree time and time again. I recently found a steal of an editing service with someone who reads my work three times over and offers a copy edit after I’ve fixed the necessary changes. Without having found this editing team, I may have put off freelance editors until other forms of submission publishing gave me the money needed to invest. But even then, it will be hard for me to hire someone I don’t know won’t return a product I disagree with so much that it makes me feel like I wasted so much money.


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