So now there IS a Dragon


So after quite a bit of futzing’ about this way n’ that with my WordPress blog setup, I’ve settled (for now) on the Piano Black theme from mono-lab. I really like this theme as it allows for customizable backgrounds and a semi-transparent scroll without being over the top.  Readability is important, and this one lets the actual information shine through, while still giving a distinct personality to the blog.

As I am a sci-fi/fantasy writer, well, the blog suits.

I’ve changed up the menu structure a bit, updated the blog roll, links and sidebar stuff, and after all of this I will be spending quite a bit more time here than I have in the past.

I’m also really liking the new WordPress editor functionality. It really allows the blogger to drill down and get things set up properly in a much neater fashion than before.

The background page, giving credit where credit is due is another Bastien Grivetart spectacular. It also is another picture that really ties into my After the Burning series.

For those that follow here, and even more so on Facebook, I’m going to be moving my “mid-bits” and “last-bits” posts to the blog. I try to keep things as entertaining as possible, and those have been a fun addition to my non novel-writing time.

I appreciate all of you that have clicked on the “follow” button to keep up with the happenings in my little corner of the world, and I hope to continue to not waste your time in the future…or at least make the time-wasting fun. 🙂

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