Happy Impending Death Day!

And people wonder where Stephen King gets his ideas from.



Our culture doesn’t do so well with death. We don’t like to talk about it or even think about it.

Except for people who were born and raised in Maine. We’re more down-to-earth types who treat death like it’s a bad dentist appointment. Yeah it’s gonna happen to you one day so you might as well suck it up, deal with it, and move on.

My 80-year-old mother cheerfully sat down with me last week to go over her old family photo albums again because, “I might not be here tomorrow.” She has told me this every single day for about 15 years.

Anytime I try to plan something with her, she gives the same response.

“Hey, Mom! Want to drive up to Bar Harbor and see the ocean this August?”

“Sure! But I might be dead by then.”

“Hey Mom! Wanna go to L.L. Bean’s with me this weekend?”

“Sure! But I might be dead by then.”


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2 responses to “Happy Impending Death Day!

  1. Wanted to read the full version of yr mom-“I’m -not-dead-yet” story but when I clicked on the link to do so , the page that the full entry was on, was obscured on ots entire right half by the brown plaid pattern that I presume is supposed to be background decoration.


    • There isn’t a thing I can do about that. The article you are referring to was a blog post that I enjoyed, and shared. If you have issues with the original blog, then go to that site and let THEM know about it.


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