A post for Margie


Tonight, while taking another of my regular patients home from the kidney center, I found out that one of my favorite dialysis patients, Margie, passed away recently. I’d been her driver fairly consistently for the last couple years.

I kinda’ thought as much, as I hadn’t seen her in a bit, and the last time I DID take her home, she said in a worn out voice, “I’m gettin’ pretty tired of all a this”.

She went in to the hospital on a Wednesday, and passed away the next morning a few weeks ago.

(Most of my customers on this treatment are worn after the process because the hemodialysis treatment is very stressful, done 3 times a week for 4-6 hours at a shot and the technology is right out of the 1950/60’s…literally.)

She was a teensy tiny little black woman originally from the Bronx, and could be a real fireball when she felt like something wasn’t right. She had a real weakness for sugar cookies, which she would bake and eat,”cuz the store stuff ain’t up ta’ snuff”…even knowing that she wasn’t supposed to because of her condition.

I always enjoyed taking her home from the kidney center, and I miss her and our conversations along the way.

You want proof that medicine is about revenue and not fixing things? Look no further than dialysis.

R.I.P Margie, Your Cabbie

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