Computers only suck when you least need ’em to…

The last two days have been annoying. All I wanna do is write…SOooooo of COURSE my computer decided to take a monstrous dump, crashing a drive, and taking a dvd-writer down with it. Of course said drive is the primary drive, and of course diagnostics show nothing WRONG with the drive, except of course that it won’t boot, or show up anywhere but in the diagnostics section. For a tech/geek, this is like giving a starving dog a rubber bone.

After much wailing and grinding of teeth, turns out the drive electronics (the lil’ board on the outside of the brick) is failing in the i/o channels…meaning the drive shows up nicely, but nothing gets in or out beyond that.

Turns out the dvd-writer blew up because I decided to USE it to burn some updated operating system discs. Damn thing has been sitting in the box for years without being actually run, and the first time up, it apparently thought it would suicide in sympathy or something. Stupid suicidal gear.

While I am glad there are backups and dropbox for the important data saved to a different drive, I have to rebuild the operating systems (-I have three on the main drive-) from the ground up.

I NEVER back up the operating systems themselves because in 20 years I have NEVER seen a successful restore outside of a corporate backup/restore solution, and even that is iffy.

Of course this requires having a working dvd writer…good thing I pack rat my old gear. le’sigh.

It only tends to do this when I can least afford it to occur, or when I least WANT to put on the propeller hat. Thankyousoverymuch Murphy.

Rebuilding the system also means BUYING a new drive, so I predict Bestbuy is in my future this fine evening. (Mostly because the local mom/n/pop stores are closed, or never have what I need.)

5 responses to “Computers only suck when you least need ’em to…

  1. Get an SSD boot/program drive, if you didn’t already have one. Seriously, I have to get one big time. My work laptop has one and boots quite rapidly. Use a regular HD for data.


    • I’m not ready to cash in this old beast just yet. I don’t game anymore, so the old x2 64 amd on the gigabyte nforce4 board still works just. A 1tb seagate cost me 55$. How much is that SSD again? 😉


      • Slightly more, but the speed, the speed. ^_~

        You aren’t even playing Eve any more?


      • I’ve read the benchmarks…as my system spends weeks/months up tween boots, I just don’t need that extra burp….my word processor and Firefox just don’t care. And yeah, eve is retired. Eve= no writing, and that is just sad…but I know myself.


      • Yeah, that’s the bad thing about games. Some buddies of mine talked me into playing Dawn of the Dragons again (Facebook game). Another friend and I were talking about the game Avengers Alliance, which we both enjoyed a lot despite certain frustrations with the game, which lead both of us to playing casually again.

        Bloody time sinks. ^_^;;;


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