Writing plans ongoing!

So the ‘what’s up on the writing front’ is:

I’m going to take a few days this week or next and do a buff on the first book, reformat for pdf and put it up on createspace (amazon’s print on demand service).

Also I’m thinking about doing a Michael Bunker / Hugh Howey and serialize the release of the 2nd volume instead of the entire thing at once….with an omnibus for volume 2 when it’s done. Gotta think about this a bit, but as I’ve not really done any marketing at this point…pulling it back and re-releasing it in the serial format is probably doable as well.

(No marketing as I didn’t want to put volume one out, blab it up, and then wait forever for volume 2. Having a few folks mad at me for delays is one thing, but having a LOT of people mad at me…well screw that. )

Originally it was my intent to wade into the traditional publishing world, but 3/4 way through Princess, I decided to go my own way after a TON of research on the industry, but at that point hadn’t seen what some of the more successful indie authors had been doing by putting out chunks of the work instead of all at once. -go figure. (Murphy lurks there, I’m thinking.)

Brave new world out there in publishing land.

I only mention this stuff, as feedback from the first book has been uniformly awesome, and gives me hope to make a success out of this passion of mine.

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