Break a leg, they said.

Things writers do to drive themselves batshit:

So a character in my novel has suffered a very bad compound fracture of the femur (thigh). In a scene I’m currently writing, said character (female) has to relieve herself…and suddenly I’m out of the narrative scratching my head…just how in the HELL can that be done? So first step: google “compound fracture: femur”.

I will NEVER EVER EVER be able to unsee the horrifying images from the result of THAT search. ‘le-sigh.

Second, after posing the question to a female friend, it appears that the logistics of the scenario becomes pretty awkward because assistance is going to be required…and no I’m not having said character just cut loose, as tempting from a “get it out of the way” perspective as that might be.

Yep, the things writers get themselves into. gads.

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