Art imitating Art…or how the writer sometimes gets inspiration

The artwork above by Bastien Grivet on DeviantArt hit me like a ton of bricks when I first saw it. In my mind there is a scene in the second novel that I’m working on where my heroine, Julian Deltolle, arrives at the entrance to a city of the Burned Ones..and this is EXACTLY how I’d pictured it right down to the lifts in the distance. Surfing through some of his other works, I found several pieces that I “recognized”.  The picture above is now a permanent desktop wallpaper, and the open office document of the novel is in a window, so when I get stumped for prose, I just glance at the picture…and prose/inspiration stuff happens again.

The work below could be directly lifted from another scene.  I like to think of this one as “Flight into the Wilds”.

I love this guy’s work.


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