Annoyed about E-readers

So anyway,  I’ve been researching a bit prior to taking the plunge and getting an e-ink reader.  And I’m a bit annoyed about all of it.

I’ve looked at a ton of brands, with these three being the top picks of the bunch:

and the one I THOUGHT I wanted:


But…after a field trip to my local B&N, Bestbuy and then Walmart, I discover that they all feel damned awkard to hold…and the price for what they actually do seems bloated.


So after all of that, and even with a Benjamin burning a hole in my pocket, I realize that I much prefer the aldiko e-book reader and the kindle app on my phone.

With a 4.5″ screen on my ol’ EVO 4g, these apps seem to work just as well/better than the dedicated hardware…AND the phone is comfy sitting in my hand.  ESPECIALLY in the taxi.

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