A very weird day in the eviction department.

Weird day.  A tenant in the next building in my complex apparently went bonker nuts last month, bought a train ticket out of state and disappeared.  Turns out she really did flip out, and due to lack of power of attorney to in-state relatives, had to be  evicted….so yesterday, via the maintenance guy and my neighbor I got the heads up that this wouldn’t be a normal eviction with just crap remainders in the parking lot…rather an apartment stuffed to the gills with nice stuff.  I promised to help my neighbor who wanted to snag a couch, but had to work during the day,  so early in the afternoon, I tromp over….to find that this woman was apparently a hoarder…a neat hoarder, but still….this was a one bedroom apartment with enough stuff to fill a damned house.

After all was said and done, I grabbed a black laquer chest o’ drawers, dining and kitchen stuff, lightbulbs to last till the apocalypse, and  a few other bitsn/bobs…plus helping the neighbor’s kids lug a ton of stuff to her apartment, including the aforementioned two piece leather couch set.

I decided to roll in the taxi last night as several regulars were texting for rescues, and on my way out (10 pm’ish) I went by the parking lot to see what was left.  After a full day of neighbors picking through it, there was still enough there to furnish an apartment, including a full sized box spring/mattress set AND a love seat.

While I felt a bit like a vulture during all of this, I kept telling myself, “If not me, who?”

I can tell that I’m gonna be sore as hell when I get up tomorrow, but hey, free stuff is free stuff.

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