Okay, now that I’ve published my little brick of a novel, I’ve got to start the marketing stuff soon-ish.  (Well I’ve got a couple more weeks, as it takes time for the work to filter to other re-sellers…and I MIGHT have to publish to Amazon separately…but other than that.)

As an integral part of the process, one of the self marketing bits is this blog.  Up until now, it has been just me ranting n’ ravin’ on whatever I wanted to, and while that will continue, hopefully to your entertainment and interests,  I’ve now got to start focusing on the other hat a self published writer must wear…THE MARKETING DUDE BEANIE O’ LOVE.

So anyway,  I will continue the taxi shenanigans stories as they present themselves, but I will also start blogging about this whole new journey I’ve embarked upon, that of 21st century self published writer dude.

Oh and back to 7 pages a day on the next book as well, so that I can avoid the “G.R.R. Martin decades ‘tween book” syndrome.  🙂

Of course all of this stuff also depends upon whether the folks who actually READ my stuff think its worth a crap.  So if you HAVE read/purchased/etc. my novel, please make sure to review it either on:

—and I’ll attempt to update locations and such as the book becomes available.

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