A publishing decision

Too bloody hot to sleep. Like an idiot, I forgot to turn the AC on. But while blearily surfing the web for publishing stuff, I finally decided on a solution to the whole publishing grind/nightmare/quagmire/pick your derogatory term that I was facing.

I’m gonna self-publish on Amazon.

I spent the last several months/years beating my head against the wall attempting to decipher the traditional publishing ‘route’…and screw that mess. I’m not worried about money (what money, hahah!), its the writing…and if money happens to come from that, not gonna’ complain. I found a superb article on self publishing from a guy who hit the jackpot doing it:

10 Reasons You Should Skip Traditional Publishers and Self-Publish Ebooks Instead

Now to see if I can find an artist who would be willing to do cover art for cheap. 😀

Anyway, back at it!

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