Taxi runners who leave their ID…ain’t ze smahtest animules in the shed.

So just a quickie post.

After taking my UBER awesome group of regulars home from downtown, via a Viva Burrito run and other assorted hilarity (Thanks Mitch, John, Tim and Jade!  You guys all rule and I loves ya!), I headed home.

A job popped up on the board AT my apartment complex, so I figure, sure, why not. One last ride before calling it a night. I get there, and the fare is waiting for me.  The guy gets in, identifies himself as the right passenger on my board, and off we go….back downtown, the address being in the homeless/wino/droog central area by 21st and Lawrence.

After a quick ride there, he starts to get out of the cab saying something about needing to get the money for the ride from a friend, at which point I slap the car locks and tell him he can leave the car ONLY if he gives me his ID and collateral. So he does. His REAL ID and his cellphone.

And then he boogied.

The cops who arrived to take my statement and issue the warrant for his arrest lol’d…as did I.

Also, at 4am on Lawrence between 22nd ave and 23rd, there are always about two hundred winos, pimps, dealers and lowlifes panhandling anyone who stops there.  Its amazing to me to see what appeared to be the alien abduction of those 200  douchebags when two cop cars pull up with their flashers going.  It was almost like a Penn and Teller magic trick.  In the space of the first flasher going off and perhaps two heartbeats later, all two hundred slouching scumbags just vanished.  I kept waiting for Mulder and Scully to round the corner looking for little grey men or something.  It was breathtaking.

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