If this is KARMA, I want off the ride!

After the last blog post about lunatic assault artists and road rescues, I thought I’d be back to what is considered “normal” in the cabbin’ game…picking up folks and taking them places for money.

Well last night I got started with a regular customer who needed a lift home and then got the first “bell” call of the night. Picked up four pretty young women who were headed downtown for a party at Benders (popular night spot in Denver). In my brain is dancing the thought of a very profitable evening as this is a good fare, and I have two other regulars lined up for longer rides right after this.

Well four blocks into the trip, an idiot abruptly ended my night. He was in a Chrysler 300 tank and decided (apparently) that looking before leaving the gas station wasn’t necessary. If you see my profile picture, you’ll see a car that stands out like a neon sign, but apparently that’s not good enough for some road geniuses.

He crossed into the street and slammed directly into the side of my cab on the driver’s side. I will only say this once: My head and shoulders are NOT enjoying the door frame of cars.

My passengers were all okay, if a little shaken up. Their anger was directed toward said idiot person in the other car, and immediately asked me to take their information down in case I needed it for the police. I called dispatch and got them another cab and they went on their merry way, if a bit delayed.

I have to say that after a lot of bad press recently (article in Westword about immigrant cabbies getting the shaft), I personally am not seeing that from my cab company Metro Taxi. They were helpful, got the tow truck and the “safety” to my location quickly and in general took care of their end of things efficiently.

Oh, a “safety” is the term we use for another driver who has taken a course from the company in accident investigation. They get a set fee per accident for doing this but are fellow cab drivers out there on the streets normally. They fill out the reports and take pictures of the accident, as well as deal with the police…not that it was a big deal this time. The officer on scene took one look at the mess and made a beeline for the idiot, already filling out the ticket for the dumbass as he went.

My car? Left side smashed in from the back of the driver door to the end. The rear fascia/bumper was torn off, and just looking at how far we got shoved over on the road, my calculation was that the frame was thrashed.

I ended up as the lone casualty as my shoulder blade felt like someone had put a red hot poker through it, and off to the ER the safety took me once things were settled.

I’m okay, but sore as all get out as I type this, and this morning got a replacement Prius that was turned in (shopped) by another driver who needed another vehicle for DIA runs.

Again, I say thank you Metro for being there through the mess and the stuff/paperwork this morning.

Gonna roll tomorrow. Now where’s that Aleve at?

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