Drop Box rules!

When I was using Ubuntu as my primary operating system, I started playing around with “cloud storage” with their then ‘new’ service “Ubuntu-One”.  Very nifty tool to save the stuff you CANNOT afford to lose and to synchronize across computers and devices.

I’m writing a novel you see, and the A#1 horror story that modern writers face is a catastrophic computer failure, or a fire or some other unforeseen nastiness that utterly obliterates months/years of hard work.

Then I switched my primary desktop writing machine over to Arch linux.  Although this is still Linux at its core, it is a VERY different animal in many respects under the hood, and ubuntu one wasn’t robust enough to use.  So I looked around and found this:


This tool is frickin’ amazing, and its cross platform support for windows/mac/linux is rock solid.  Now, regardless of platform, I can easily access the stuff that I NEED from just about anywhere.

Now this writer rests easy knowing his hard work is safe regardless of local ‘puter wonkiness at casa du casey.

Highly recommended!

Oh yeah, the first two gig of storage is free.


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