A bouncer’s life oh my!

So I had a ton of calls last night…great cabbin’ night. One of the last was for a manager of Platinum84 who needed a lift home. Apparently two of the exotic dancers took a dislike to each other and had it out in the parking lot after closing…and one bit the other’s finger off…The manager shook his head as he told me they spent half an hour looking for the digit.

-late update….it was two customers, not dancers. But still. 😀

Oh…electronica concert at first bank center went till 3am this morning. Recession may be on, but those kids sure didn’t act like it. That was monaaay in the bank for this fella…and I had to quit before the fares were finished as I was gettin’ white line fever. All in all a great weekend. One more night of football fares and then a night off to regroup and get some writing in.

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