Rob a Walgreen’s…call a cab!

So my first fare of the night was at a Walgreen’s in the suburbs.  I call the contact number to give an ETA, but no response.  This in and of itself is no big deal..the fare might just be on the phone.  I roll on up to the store, and…three cops cars, flashers going, are parked in front of the entrance and I start thinkin’ “uhoh”.  So I pull up looking around for the fare who had a “male” name on the call screen…just in time to see the police stuff a young woman into the back of one of the cruisers.

Yep sports fans, you guessed it.  My fare was stolen by the cops.  She had given a male name to the taxi dispatcher.

I waved over one of the officers who let me know that, yes, she was the fare.  I gave him the contact phone number she’d given our dispatch.  Apparently, after robbing the store, she figured she’d call a cab…and then WAIT AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME for me to take her somewhere else.

Further proof that the reason crime does not pay is due to the fact that most criminals are….morons.

Great rest of the evening and I’ll be laughing about this one for awhile.

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