Our President: BRILLIANT GUY! -sarcasm hat firmly on my head.

So this labor day Monday, I’m surfing the news and I see that the President is out on the stump touting these two GREAT new ideas for stimulating the economy.

1. 50 some Billion dollars for: roads, railways, and runways.
That’s supposed to get the hiring going and the unemployment rate down? So all you unemployed white collar folks…stand by for your construction jobs! -sigh. Apparently the 3/4 trillion dollars already in the pipeline just wasn’t QUITE enough money for this.

Oh and the the icing on the cake!

32 BILLION for small business. Okay, sounds good right? Until you find out this:
The money for the small business stimulus is coming from higher taxes on those who make more than 250k per year. Uh…since THOSE are the people who RUN most small businesses, that’s like yanking it out of the left pocket, pulling some bills off the top and putting the rest back in the right pocket.

AND THAT is the new big idea from this administration.

Yet more proof that we’re still living out the middle chapters of Atlas Shrugged.

Come on November!

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