So anyway in the passenger driving game, there are generally two types of real hazards, and they both involve one common denominator: PEOPLE. Funny how that works.

  1. Bad people. I’m not talking about folks that deal in illicit substances. They tend to be great fares as they have absolutely no desire to draw attention to themselves. I’m talking about folks who for whatever reason either want a free ride from one place to another, or free money. The free money types, thankfully, are rare. The free rider types, well they’re not as rare, but fortunately, fairly easy to spot ahead of time. The giveaways are usually the time of day they call (nights—late), the locations they give as the pickup (never a house, or…”in front of blah blah address”), and they usually scrunch up in the back seat out of the driver’s view. My own response to this stuff is to check for funds before the ride. I’d rather have someone slightly offended then me ripped off.
  2. Bad Drivers. This one is the grand prize of hazards. According the state patrol, after 10pm and up until about 330am during the weekends, 3 in 5 are intoxicated in one form or another, and having done this gig for awhile now, I gotta say… I think they are understating things a bit. It is mind boggling to see…and drive with these utter fools. I have more respect for professional drivers now then ever as this rolling obstacle course on the weekends is, for lack of a better word, insane. People are absolute idiots when it comes to drinking and driving, even KNOWING that a DUI is between 10-15 THOUSAND dollars, if they get pulled over. Let alone the horrible responsibility of hurting or killing someone if they mess up.

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