It has been awhile

So.  Blogging.  Twittering. Facelessbooking.  Seems like a lotta noise, but still, cathartic, which is cool.  I get almost zippo hits to this, so it still feels like a personal journal of sorts, and that’s all good.

So what’s happening these days?  The novel’s red-pen editing is finished.  I was going to apply all the fixes to the open office document and get it ready, but I got side tracked (blasted more like) by new carpet going into Casa du Casey.  I’m thinking that its more trouble to NOT move out of a place than it is to just move out for said floor coverment. egads.  Anyway that project is pretty much done now save for a bit of junk to toss.  (And there’s an understatement if ever there were such things!)

I’m fully committed to the writer’s life now.  To the point where I am mentally and physically done with “TECH” as a career.  Next week I go see about being a taxi driver.  I thought about trucking, but for now, I need to stay in the home area and focus…concentrate…apply mental powers to GETTING THE DAMN NOVEL done.  Driving people about for money will take care of the roof over the head without the mental drain of a “career”.  I can hope anyway.

Finished the Dresden series.  Finished the Kitty series.  Re-read Harry Potter series again.  Finished watching Lost.  Interesting save with that series finale.  Maybe more about that here later.  Anyway.

More stuff to come.

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