Entertainment tidbits on my mind lately

So let’s see. Random entertainment thoughts ahead!

1. EZTV is the coolest “tivo” for the net…ever. http://eztv.it/

2. Castle is just desserts for Nathan Fillion who now has a hit show rather than being in a good show with no ratings.

3. Bones is Castle’s older sibling, but enough differences to keep the “copycat” stuff away. And a good show as well. Brennan is a female vulcan without the pointy ears.

4. Avatar rocked. People have lately been jumping on the “weak story” bandwagon. I hate bandwagons.

5. Sherlock Holmes was a nifty movie dragged to the depths by the worst score since “Notting Hill”. What, they ran outta’ money and told Zimmer to make due with a drunk piano player and a wino with a 2 string violin? -shivers.

6. I am NOT getting on the Clash of the Titans bandwagon. (hate them bandwagons, remember?) The trailer did not impress me.

7. M Night Shayamalan has one last shot with “Airbender” methinks. He f’s this one up, he’s MIGHT get a gig directing some reality youtube special. MIGHT.

8. Facebook, while not specifically in the same room as the above stuff is mildly entertaining…and I’ve got to agree with several folks here that the constant futzing with the interface is more than a wee bit annoying.

9. Caprica is interesting. It is odd watching a show, and knowing that it takes place about a 150,000 years ago, but interesting nevertheless. Whether it gets “good” time will tell. This by itself, to me, is unfortunate. Galactica got “good” from the starting gun, while Caprica is just mildly entertaining at this point.

11. Oh, I’ll say it again. Castle is on my “don’t miss EVER” list. It rocks. Why a “procedural” would trip my interest-o-meter is surprising, but the two I watch, Bones and Castle have leads that kept me riveted to their stories before: Angel and Firefly.

12. George Lucas is evil. Well according to a new documentary coming out he might even be the anti-christ, but that’s not up ta’ me to decide. Watched the trailer for “The People vs. George Lucas”, and I had to laugh. Personally I think ol’ George is proof that a million monkeys in a room with a million typewriters can, given enough time, produce the entire works of William Shakespeare.

13. Star Trek the re-vamp/re-boot-re-whatever….still sucks. (When talking about entertainment stuff, that is my new standby for continuity.) I hated that movie worse than Battlefield:Earth, and THAT was a stinking pile of…refuse. Actually in the realm of WTF sequels…it ranks higher on my stink-o-meter than alien3, possibly the worst evil atrocity ever committed against a cool storyline.

14. I can’t leave a list on #13. Its just wrong. 😀

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