Just to get in the swing of things

So I’ve got a blog, and I actually should use it.  Whether it be a public journal, a thought o’ the day holder, or just a progress report on my writing, I’m not sure yet, BUT…if I don’t actually put stuff here, well, then a virtual doorstop comes to mind, so…

Politics still sucks.  Congress are either out of their minds, or they are spending us into oblivion on purpose.  I choose the latter, but only hesitantly.

Our President reminds me of Jimmy Carter.  I was in the military when he left office, and what I see and read these days of our troops in the field seriously reminds me of the morale and attitudes of the Carter years.  This is NOT a good thing.  😦


Tech stuff.

Ubuntu 9.10 64bit rocks.  Period.  Now if Adobe would get off its collective butt and fix the 64bit implementation of flash life would be happiness and joy on the computer front.

Elive’s newest rev 1.51 is smoking gorgeous looking, but its installer is lame and crashes mucho way too easily from the live cd.


30 pages+ in the last four days.  I seriously think I’m going to be finishing this novel before the end of the month, and on to the editing phase.  As has been said by many good writers:  “Writing is RE-WRITING”.  I’m about to find out how that works on a 190,000+ word count novel.

Bring it on!

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